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Soap Dispenser Manufacturer


Soap dispenser manufacturer online! Knida  is one of the Chinese leading supplier of plastic packaging products for cosmetic and daily use chemical. We specializes in the manufacturing, sale and service of soap dispenser pumps, foam soap pumps, trigger sprayers, fine mist sprayers, plastic bottles and caps, as well as other plastic packaging products. Learn More

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lotion dispensing pump

Soap Dispenser Pump

Included soap dispenser, shampoo dispenser, dish soap dispenser,lotion pump, etc


Knida’s soap dispenser pumps, made for lotion pump bottles or dispensers. With a variety of models and size, they are perfect for dispensing viscous materials, such as lotions, shower gel, liquid soaps,shampoo, cosmetic and other health or beauty products.

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Cosmetic Treatment Pump

Included cosmetic cream pump, small lotion pump, treatment dispensing pump etc.


Knida’s Cosmetic treatment pump offer the most controlled output for a small dosage of your product. It is for uses in products like moisturizers, wrinkle creams, eye creams, essential oils where small dosage between 0.1 cc to 0.2 cc per stroke is needed.

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Foaming Dispenser Pump

Foaming Soap Dispenser

Included foam soap dispenser,foaming hand soap dispenser,foaming soap pump, etc.


Knida’s foam soap dispensers outputs the liquid materials in the form of foam, they are widely used in cosmetic products and household chemicals, such as hand washing liquid, hand sanitizer, facial cleanser, shaving cream, sun protection foam, and baby products.
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Trigger Pump Sprayer

Trigger Sprayer

Included garden spray trigger, chemical sprayer trigger, foaming trigger sprayer,etc.


Knida’s trigger sprayers, for use in spray bottles, Available in misting nozzles and foaming nozzles. They are ideally for window cleaners, furniture care, household cleaners, garden products, bathroom and automotive products.

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plastic fine mist sprayer

Fine Mist Sprayer

Included mist sprayer, perfume atomizer, micro sprayer,pump sprayer.


Knida’s fine mist sprayers are great choice for products that need to be applied by misting. They are available for spraying such like perfume, gel water, antiperspirant, air freshener, essential oil.

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plastic caps and closures

Plastic Cap

Included disc top cap, flip top cap,push-pull cap,twist top caps, flip spout cap and more.


Knida’s plastic caps are made of polypropylene,  they are available in non-dispensing and dispensing functions.With a variety of sizes and models , they are ideal for plastic bottle sealing or dispensing.

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